Long Island Lad Travels Long Way To Ladle Up D-Lish Soup


Long Island Lad: Mark Stern

Filling or light. Creamy or chunky. Complex or simple. Soothing or fiery. Traditional or exotic. More than any other meal, soup says sustenance. Adaptable to the seasons, soup can either warm you up on a cold day, or soothe your body with a chilled, savory delight.

Back in 1997, Soup Nation started off as the Carte Blanche Soup Carte, a trapezoidal

food cart that to this day serves up our unique soup selections in front of the PLC building on the UO Campus.

Coming from a culinary background that includes stints in Greek, Spanish, Vegetarian, Steak House and Continental restaurants, my soup-centric concept came out of the flexibility of soup as a vehicle for a wide array of different cuisines, and its universal appeal as a comfort food everyone can relate to; from Bangkok Sweet Potato to Vegan Split Pea, to Home-Style Beef Stew to Pork Posole. The Soup Carte gave me the experience of directly interacting with the folks who actually ate my food: something few cooks get an opportunity to do from the recesses of a restaurant's back-of-the-house.

With well over 80 varieties, the soups from Soup Nation are homemade, locally, here in Eugene, with no msg, packaged stock bases, or preservatives. We smoked our own meats in-house, and roast our own veggies for our

gourmet salads and sandwiches. Every morning, we bake our Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread served with our soups,as well as our other baked sweets and savories. Our Espresso Bar offers locally roasted, organic drip coffee and espresso, and we are proud to feature an all-Oregon handcrafted beer selection.

Our customer's dietary preferences are important to us. Our soup menus are marked to indicate the presence of gluten, dairy, and nuts in each soup. What's more, we typically serve 9 soup varieties per day, always offering a mix of vegetarian, vegan and omnivore options.

With two Eugene, Oregon locations to serve you (the Cafe at 525 High St. and the Soup Carte at E. 14th & Kincaid, UO Campus) we look forward to helping you get your soup on!

Article written by:
Mark Stern; Owner/Chef - Soup Nation

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